What Ezekiel 13 Says About The Mark Of The Beast Will Surprise You!

This teaching was taken from our full teaching entitled: “When Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment.” This controversial teaching will likely stir up your mind, and probably can only be properly understood by watching the full teaching found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5Rlc5obfRI

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  1. Praise The Most High that we will not be "getting back to normal". Ending of Esau per The Most High. 🙏🏾
    Thank you Brother for your teachings. You studies are giving me a clearer understanding of these end times.

  2. I came upon this channel by accident. I am one who studies the bible. I have a very personal relationship with God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Jan 2010 I was taken onto the spirit. I was standing in the presence of Jesus. He wore a white robe. He was setting up 3 long tables. He told me," We are preparing for This 2nd coming millennium." I was so excited and there is a feast we go to, after. Also, early last year, The Holy Spirit warned me about the tests and vaccineS. (Many vaccines). There was no vaccine out yet.

  3. So, if one is warned to not take this beast's mark but they reject the warning and go ahead and get it, multiple times, that one will be ok?
    I don't think it's what you said or the Word. Correct?

  4. DISCLAIMER: This is not condoning knowingly taking the vackxscene, as there is no sacrifice for wilful sin (Num 15:30-31, Heb 10:26-27). Neither do we encourage anyone to take their tests as they were given the crown (corona) with which to conquer (Rev 6:1-2). Anything they give us to put in our bodies as a result of the corona is used to conquer.

    This is really for those who have sinned in error and are now repentant, to let them know that all hope is not yet lost, TMH can have mercy before judgment is executed.

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