Understanding The Gentiles Salvation

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  1. Thank you for your teaching. This teaching shows the goodness of Yah's heart towards those who truly love Him. It gives hope to the gentiles. It is sad to think that those who deny the salvation to the gentiles, miss the beauty of Yah's heart towards those who hear Him and keep His commandments. I was reading Matthew 18 v 21-35 about the unforgiving servant and we must trust that Yah will always be righteous Judge. Our grace must also extend to those who come into the light to seek the face of The Almighty in truth and humility. Like psalm 118 v 29 says, "Give thanks to Yahuah, for His mercies endures forever."

  2. Great teaching brother let the word decide interpretation not feelings, I hope my gentile brothers and Hebrew Israelites pay attention. But quick question is the bad strangers sinner gentiles left over to serve?

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