Babylon Has Been a Golden Cup In YAHUAH’S Hand: VERY REVEALING! Watch and SHARE!

Babylon has been a golden cup in YAHUAH’S hand. This is based on Jeremiah 51-7. The meaning of this verse really brings out an astounding understanding.

This is the first episode in our vlogging series. Subscribe as we continue to release these short vlogs that will bring out much understanding of scriptures.

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  1. Hey Brother, this is a very good video. I agree that TMH uses the nations/heathens to chastise His children, then after His purpose is done, He DESTROYS them, every time!!! APTTMHPOI FOREVER!!! HOWEVER, brother you are still in idolatry, because the momemt our enemies stole us they gave us the plagarized New Testament with it's Christ. TMH revealed to me earlier this year that it is the book of the NWO. PLEASE WATCH the following videos, as well as the other two parts. This is Yalak Emet. He has this AWESOME teaching, and many others that UNDOUBTEDLY reveal the TOTAL FAKENESS OF the New Testament. TMH showed me through an OPEN VISION (with confirmation) that JC NEVER EXISTED. I was devastated, but I had to get over it. I love TMH, and I love truth. Following the vision I DID NOT KNOW WHAT to do, because it was impossible to continue believing that LIE. THANKFULLY, TMH literally put Yalak Emet's YT channel on my phone. Prior to this, I had no clue about YT channels teaching this knowledge. May TMH open your eyes to see this. Peace and blessings to you, and you followers.

    Jesus is Blind part 1 of 3

    This is Moreh Eleasha of The House of Yisrael of Cincinnati.

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