Grace, Mercy And A Licence To Sin

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  1. Shalom family. Another powerful teaching. Like you said in this teaching that it is very hard. I Pray that we can all get the Mercy of Yahuah that we are. all striving for. Alleluia. Praise be to the most High.

  2. Some of Paul's writings are difficult to understand and seem to contradict the rest of scripture based on how it's written. Even Peter agrees. His writings are a go to for the lawless. For me is a struggle to read sometimes. Nah lie. That's the honest truth. I would like to see you do a study on the difficult verses of Paul please. Shalom

  3. Brother Chazaq very interesting where was your grace and mercy when you did the End time Saints video. You used Dinah who was R to build your case that move was not right .I didn't expect that from you twisting scriptures; I am very disappointed in you i hope you heed this correction.

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