The Final Seal Of Perfection

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  1. Thank y'all for the beautiful message that the Almighty inspired you to preach and to teach I watched the whole video as soon as I came out of my room there was the oppressor Lucifer trying to stop me today trying to get my mind off of the teachings of what I just heard that shows you right there that I'm leaning towards the right way I noticed I have lots of obstacles trying to block me every time I'm listening to the messages I need your prayers much prayers for me and my family thank you I think the Almighty for the opportunity to be able to listen to his words it comes up as Mary but I'm Joshua the son shalom

  2. Thank you for the message. For those of us who are scared, please rightly divide the word of Yahuah. Do your due diligence and see if these things are so. If they are so, would we obey? That is the question. If the answer is no, then I think we have the answer of where our heart lies. Shalom

  3. WOW!! AND AWESOME!!! ❤
    Brothers this was Beautiful. I was taking back to my Christianity days lol. I was saying preach young man preach 😂❤️ This was one of the most beautiful call and response to The Most High I have heard in the Israelite community. I was moved to stay locked in through the 3 plus hour and ate so much meat from it. Thank you. 10-27-22

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