The Importance Of The Resurrection Of The Dead

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  1. Someone once said, "everyone wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die." Christianity gives a false sense of security which is based on lies. The fear of Yahuah is the beginning of wisdom. Wisdom will never tell you that the very laws that convicts us of sin, is nailed to the "cross." The law is Torah, Torah is the truth, so if the law/ Torah is nailed to the "cross," are they not saying the Truth is nailed to the "cross?" Yahusha died on the stake, and rose again by the power of Yahuah. He said to follow him and do as he did and that is to keep the law perfectly. Yahusha came to reveal the Father and the good news of the resurrection of the dead through the perfect sacrifice of Yahusha. When you live right, you make no provision for the flesh, yet people are striving to save that which is perishable, instead of looking at gain of the imperishable. This mindset to wait, takes time in truth to develop. We are to search out these things but people think it's a stroll in the park. Maybe they need to look again at the Martyrs. We need to be ready everyday. It's not an easy walk but we have the Set Apart Spirit to help us. This so clear to see when you walk in truth. Thank you for a great teaching. Brother Wayne, Brother Pedro, Brother Samuel and to all the sisters, thank you.

  2. What about our people, Isrealites that died Christians, I'm talking about our people the Israelites that didn't know who they were, in Yahuah, will they be forgiven, like our parents grandparents, and great grandparents. I think about Ezekiel, that talks about the dry bones.

  3. 👍 up, a message for such a time as this. Thank you, for your faithfulness, may you continue. The time of testing is upon us, prepare the heart and mind for every temptation to wilfully depart from the commands of Yahuah the Aluah of Yashar'el.
    Holiness is of the essence, the time of deliverance is now, our redeemer is at hand.

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