Flee To The Mountains: What the Messiah Really Means Will Surprise You!

Flee to the mountains? The world has long been waiting for Jerusalem to be compassed (surrounded) as a sign for us to “flee to the mountains.”

However, we are going to show how we had been misled all along, and what the Messiah meant has eluded most of us. We are going to see how what he actually means will surprise many!

Flee Out Of The Midst OF Babylon Playlist:

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  1. Oh wow, very clear and precise. YAHUAH be praised for this revelation

    It is the abomination of desolation we are running from and not some fake Russian and Ukrainian war, that's all a distraction. There's something wicked in this abomination that's about to unfold.

    Run people, Run for your lives for Babylon cannot be saved, it has become a habitation of devils and every foul spirit

  2. Amazing insight… the majority of Yasharal believes we have to literally pack up our bags and flee Babylon. But Babylon is all around wherever we go. This teaching is so on point and makes complete sense as to what we are fleeing from, that being the g.o mixed with clay. Hence, why the days must be cut short, as the enemy is waging war ☠️ against humanity and foremost Yasharal..

    May YAHUAH guide and protect his own and may we continue to walk steadfast in his Words.

    Thank you for your words of wisdom Brother Chazaq.

    Giving all Praises and Esteem to YAHUAH TMH in the name of His beloved Son *YAHUSHA HA’MASHYAKH*. 🙌🏿🙌🏼🙌🏽🙌🏾🙌🏻

  3. I'm a gentile seeking Refuge and I want the ruach I've been doing a lot of searching and researching and a lot that I've been hearing from you it's right on target with what the word is saying here a little there little precept upon precept line upon line I hear some deep knowledge the Deep calleth unto the Deep at the noise of his waterspouts I'm trying not to choke on the strong meat when you bring things out that I never heard I'm hearing it in the right perspective things that I've been wondering about the almighty is using you to bring them out I want to be with his people the almighty knows my mind he knows the number of every hair on my head and there's nothing hid from the heat thereof he said my people shall know my name I want to be gathered with his people I'm asking the Almighty to keep us to bless us keep us in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on him like the Apostle said I might seem rude in speech but not according to knowledge and the knowledge is knowing who he is and what his name stands for

  4. Me too Mary Riggs! And thanks for this needed teaching Chazaq EliYahu!
    Me and my cat are already living in a remote place on an island out in the north sea in Norway. I am asking YAHUAH to be made into a humble servant for His people YASHARAL. His Grace is so beyond everything, and not deserving it. And I have been thinking that soon it has to be a move for us; already now slowly packing and cleaning out stuff from where we rent. Abba decides when and how. I have no clue……

  5. Do you believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ?
    Because in the book of Timothy we are told to rightly divide the word of truth..
    If any man preach another Gospel Apostle Paul tells us let them be accursed. Mark and avoid.
    God bless ❤️ 🙌 🙏

  6. Wow! Todah robah for the edification. I never noticed the accounts of Mark & Mattithyahu speak of the AOD which is in our day and the Luke account speaks of Israel fleeing Jerusalem in His day before the siege by the Roman military. I assumed all accounts were saying the same thing but as you alphabet appeared to point out here, there is some difference.

    I would be curious to read the same verses in a Greek Septuagint or the Codex and compare the wording. My understanding that may shed further inquiry on the matter is I believe all three accounts were written well after Yahusha’ crucifixion and physical death. I think I need to research a bit more and pray about this. Any mistake made to flee could prove to be quite costly (financially and even your life). Nonetheless Todah robah Ahki for bringing this out and doing a great job on expounding on it. APTTMHY. Yahuah Tseba’oth!!

  7. I have tattoos on me and I feel bad about this now… I said I wouldn’t get anymore since I been getting closer to Yahuah… even tho it’s a scripture and things I got out of faith I feel bad. I pray 🙏🏾 Yahuah will be with me in strength and and spirit in the name of Yahusha and he hears my prayers of forgiveness

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