Why Do You Say Aluah And Not Elohim?

Why do you say Aluah and not Elohim? Where did the title Aluah come from? Is it in the scriptures? Today we look at the title Aluah, to see its scriptural origin and why we use it.

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  1. This is the final gathering of the chosen ones by YaHuah of Host, the Ancient of days, Master of All creation, Master of the Universe, Deepest in Secrets, And His Wisdom Cant Be Computed by any means,and the Final Authority,APTTMH,Yadah YaHuah, Shalom!!

  2. I have been using Eloah for sometime now so the first time I heard u use Aluah a recognized it right away it was Eloah. Eloah/Aluah mean the Powerful one.

  3. Shalum Yasharal… May Yahuah bless you and all who see this video in the name of our Hamashayah Yahusha… In original Yahudyath which is the name of our language. Elijah would be Alyah or you could spell it Alyahu… It wasn't an ( E ) or ( I ) or ( J ) in the original Yahudyath language… Elohim would've been Alahym…. Aluah is the correct Title for Yahuah, because it's singular. Alahym is plural. Aluah means Almighty one, and Alahym means Almighty ones… Please remember that in our true Yahudyath language that the following alphabets didn't exist. ( C ) by itself. Example Cain, Would be Kayn… (E), (F), (I), (J), (O), (V), (W) & (X). In Yahudyath, C by itself would be (K), E would be (A), F would be (U), I would be (Y), J would be (Y), O would be (U), V would be (U) & W would be (U) its very easy to convert English spellings of Yahudyath spelling if you know Yahudyath alphabets. The only alphabets in Yahudyath is as follows… A,B,G,D,H,U,Z,CH,T,Y,K,L,M,N,S,A,P,TZ,Q,R,SH, T…. Elijah/ Alyah or Alyahu is a very strong Yahudyath name and as you know means My Aluah is Yahuah… The same can be said as my name Daniel/Dany'al which mean My judge is Aluah. Hebrew, Israelites, jews, Yahudym, Yashra'alym, Yasharlym, abry or all false also.. Yasharal is how our ancestors identified themselves as a nation, with the name of their language being called Yahudyath… May Yahuah look down from the circle of Shamayym/Heaven/ Heavens and smile as he see the shauat/Tribe of Yahudah/Judah waking up to the law of Yahuah and all the other Shauat of Yasharal… May Yahuah bless you all in the name of Yahusha.. Yadah Halal Yahuah Aluah

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