Welcome To My Channel!

Shalum and welcome to my channel! We aim to make short vlogging videos about current prophetic events along with short scriptural teachings.

SUBSCRIBE and follow us on the journey as we strive towards eternal life in the kingdom of YAHUAH, guided along the way by our king, Yahusha HaMashiach.

Flee Out Of The Midst OF Babylon Playlist:

My Website: https://chazaqeliyahu.com
Teaching channel: https://youtube.com/c/justaword
Online radio station: https://justawordradio.com
Teaching website: https://justaword.org
Video website: https://justaword.tv

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  1. Hey hun, welcome to youtube! I just started my YouTube channel as well. Wish you all the luck on your YouTube journey 😘 I love supporting all the sisters and brothers on YouTube. We are in this together 🤎😊

  2. Many of us are returning to the Hebrew language but we're having problems with some words. I'm accepting more and more that the Father name is Yahuah and the son name is Yahusha, but, is the Holy land Yerusalem or Yahrusalem? And is the real name Yahsharal or Yasharal?

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