Why Jerusalem Must Be Desolate At This Time: True Location Of Israel Today

This video shows scriptural evidence that Jerusalem must be desolate and waste today, which means there is something desperately wrong with the Jerusalem in the land called Israel actually being the true Jerusalem.

This is the second in a series of videos revealing the true scriptural land of Israel (Yasharal) as stated in the bible. This video is not to convince anyone, but is an introduction to pick your curiosity and get you thinking outside of the world’s programming.

Check out our previous video (the first in our series) to understand more…
A Land Of Briers and Thorns: True Location Of Israel (Yasharal) Today

By the way, here is a list of related videos below. If you do not get these foundations, you may just believe that everything we posted in this video is a coincidence or erroneous claims.

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True Location of Real Jerusalem

Jerusalem Script: The True Location of Jerusalem The Cover Up

Biblical Jerusalem is Revealed in Africa!!! Case Closed!!!

Watch As The Most High Reveals Where To Flee Out Of Babylon!

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Comment (12)

  1. They are NOT the children of Edom! The TRUE children of Edom are the Edo People of Lagos Nigeria Idoma and country of Adom West Africa NEGRO LAND!
    The Oba Kings of Benin which sold JUDAH'S CHILDREN into the Slaves Trade and STOLE our Kingdom!
    Edo People are African negroes who looks just like us!
    The DEMONS calling themselves jew is the offspring of NEPHILIM and NEANDERTHAL DNA which is CHIMPANZEE DNA NOT HUEMAN period!
    You start your video with TRUTH but them you lie about Esau children which never left Africa! They are NOT white and if so why do you think YAH would give our grandmother a white demon and a brown son?!?
    Esau was Ruddy meaning dark brown 🟤 with mahogany tint!!
    Research more please, I can't share half TRUTH, that means it's a entire lie!

  2. It is restored now in real time to white and black masoretic Jews who returned on the wings of eagles from the four corners of the world exactly as prophesized by the Torah, and they are there whereas you who quote so called skin colour racist exclusivity from demonizing non divine given Torah sources aren't.

  3. YAHUSHALAM is the TRUE NAME of the LAND..
    The LAND is Called by HIS NAME..
    {DANY'AL 9:18-19}:
    {YaramYAHU 25:28-19}..


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