The Black Horse: The Fall Of Edom and Babylon: The Deliverance Of Jacob’s Children

This video looks into the black horse and what it means for us today.

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  1. Hi salama brothers. Its important yo now start keeping the feast according to the southern hemisphere.. the new year in September.. by the way the Jewish new year is September yet .passover is in march aprill.. how is this foolish.. .

    2. The churches of revelation were are they in africa

  2. Good morning brother. Based on Genesis 1:4, we can know the actual Sabbath day because the items in the sky are a sign for days, seasons and years. The gregorian calender saturday might be wrong still. We all know that a day has 12 hrs and a day ends when a new day begin. Have you ever read about Lunnar Sabbath, which is basically counting 7 moon cycle after a new moon to confirm that it matches with the Saturday Sabbath because we might be wrong. Based on my observation so far, Wednesday is the Sabbath day but I might be wrong. Please look into it because when we believe a lie, we are still under dilusion.

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