Cursed Shall Be The Fruit Of Thy Land! – True Location Of Israel (Yasharal) Today

Cursed shall be the fruit of thy land! Deuteronomy 28:18 rings out loud and clear to reveal exactly where the land of Yasharal (Israel) is today.

As we continue to follow the leading of our Father without understanding why we are being led to do what we are doing, we are being given some very profound revelations as to what is happening.

This video looks at the fruit of a land that is cursed, matching perfectly with Deuteronomy 28:18, a land of briers and thorns, revealing where the ancient land of Canaan (Israel) is today.

The highlight of this series of videos will be our look into exactly where ancient Jerusalem is today. And no, it is not in the country that they call Israel today.

Big Clue!!! Abraham Sojourned In A Land He Was To Inherit – True Location Of Israel (Yasharal) Today

Why Jerusalem Must Be Desolate At This Time: True Location Of Israel Today


By the way, here is a list of related videos below. If you do not get these foundations, you may just believe that everything we posted in this video is a coincidence or erroneous claims.

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  1. This is indeed the land.Without a shadow of a doubt.All we see here is what is written in scripture.Abba Yahuah keeps confirming his word day by day… Cannot doubt him.Yadah Yahuah!

  2. Wow. I'm in South Africa & I am glad God closed that door for me to go to the wrong Israel. I'm meant to go to the correct location. Thank God for you sir & all the glory goes to Him. Wow..Shalom.

  3. How do you explain those 2 opposing verses? (1) Jerusalem will be troden down by the gentiles until the time of the gentiles be fullfilled. What then is the fulliment of the gentiles?. (2) Jerusalem will be a place of desolation and uninhabited?. I am open to learning but so many opposing scripture verses.

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