Are You The Seed Of Your Father? What Does The Bible Say?

This video was based on a comment on our previous video about Numbers 1:18. Are we the seed of our fathers, or are we the seed of our mother? What does the word say, and what are the implications?

Based on our previous video:
End Time Saint In Mixed Race Marriage? What Does The Word Say?

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  1. Great video another one is when you go Matthew 1:1 look at the greek word for generation and when you look at the Greek word of that word it literally says fathered, your whole generation is based on your father

    In luke2:4 the Greek word says, progenitor
    When u look up what progenitor means in Marian Webster dictionary it once again says, FATHER
    In number 27: Hebrew inheritance. This means the possession, the inheritance the daughters got was land, even the word heritage does not always mean psam135:12
    Great video!!! It is plain

  2. the bible is a male dominated book which tells the perspectives of the man with the exclusion of the sisters, aunts or women in general. culturally the men are the heads. we are to take a woman of the father's tribe which means they are to be the same lineage. they didnt say the woman because men are the head of the household. the woman that are in the bible is very minimal is comparison. the Messiah didnt come from David. David is the step dad. there is very little information about the woman perspectives. we are to marry your own tribe for inheritance. mamzers will be servants

  3. The promise made to Abraham was to make him the father of many of many nations. And it was though the seed (Messiah)

    And we know if anyone believe on messiah and joins the covenant they are the SEED of Abraham and heirs to the promise

    Apostle Paul also teach that the mystery of the gosple is that the gentiles are heirs together with Isreal

    Another point is the house of isreal had become a multitude of nation as prophesied by Isaac and they blended into the nations. so how does this ties into such a teaching?

  4. this is misleading because within the israelite community the men think its okay to marry strange women just because the they are the seed of the man. you are to take a woman from the house ofvyour father. not the mother because she is not the head. the law leads with male dominance. but because you take a wife of your father's tribe that means they are to be the same lineage. there are multiple verses that advise you not to give your sons and daughters to strangers. many scriptures that tell you what to do if you decide to marry them. i usually agree with your lessons but this one was rushed and did not give context.

  5. the bible doesn't say Joseph begat the Messiah but that he came from Mary by way of Yah. Joseph was only her husband, the step dad, Yahusha has no blood relation to joseph. one thing we do know is that the Messiah is not going to come from a mixed tribe or lineage so it is probable that mary's bloodline is of David. however because women didnt have equality there is no information about the lineage of women in the bible. long story short, marry your own tribe and dont fall into worshipping other gods.

  6. women do have a seed. its all of her children (eggs) that are in her belly from the moment of her birth. men are the fertilizer for the egg cultivation. the woman brings life to men after adam. offspring means son but it also means child/family/decent. women have offspring just like men have offspring.

  7. 1 COR 11:12 says that "for as the woman is of the man, even so is the man also by the woman." gen 3:20 says the woman is the mother of all living. doesnt say the man is the father of the living. my point is that both are equally necessary although the man is culturally the authority over her. when it comes to bringing forth life, the mother should be of the same "pedigree". she is the only life giver though. if her body rejects his fertilizer, no life will form.

  8. Can you please explain Genesis 3:15?
    And I will put enmity between thy seed and the woman and between thy seed and HER SEED, it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

    Here it is saying the seed of the woman (offspring/children).

  9. I think because the seed is of the father some believe that those children born of an Israelite man and a Gentile woman they say that child is an Israelite but the scripture says that child is a bastard (mamzer/mixed). This is what some are teaching.

    But as you stated in Numbers 1:18 that was during war time and it was speaking in regards to the 12 Tribes of Yashar'el not amongst those other nations.

  10. Shalom Brother! Yes I do understand that you are the "seed of your father" but it is ONLY within the house of Israel. It has nothing to do with a Israelite man having a child with a heathen/gentile woman. If a Israelite man breeds with a heathen woman that child is NOT an Israelite (Deuteronomy23:2). That's why our forefathers were forced to put the children and heathen women away (2 Esdras). If a man can breed with any nation of woman and still make an Israelite then there would be no need for the daughters of Zion. That would make us EQUAL to the heathen women and WE ARE NOT.

  11. Kan, in reference to war as being the only reason that "house of your fathers" is used in Numbers 1v 18 so as to say, only in war times….last time i looked in the bible, theres hardly been peace, for Israel…but captivity and ethnnic suppression…. maybe King Davids 40 year reign was generally peaceful for Israel but in his house with his sons was another story.
    My other point is last time i checked on internet we are still at war…spiritual war with them fake GMO small hat liars attacking true jews Kanye and Kyrie.
    But regardless….All praise to the Most High Almighty .shalawam

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