Differences Between Commandments, Laws, Statutes, Ordinances, Testimonies and Judgments in The Bible

Differences Between Commandments, Laws, Statutes, Ordinances and Judgments in Torah. Throughout the bible, especially in the first 5 books, we see mention being made of the commandments, laws, statutes, ordinances and judgments. How many of us have stopped to wonder what each one means? http://justaword.org.

How can we fully understand scripture if we don’t understand what they mean? Indeed, the word “commandment” is found 177 times in 167 verses, and the plural form “commandments” is found 171 times in 168 verses. This means, that term alone is found 348 times in 355 verses!

Today we look at the meaning of these terms by using the structure of the real life laws of Jamaica as a reference (man’s laws were inspired by the Bible). Please note that I am not a lawyer, but doing my best to bring clarity to these terms.

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Comment (3)

  1. Great thanks I can relate to this as I hold degrees in law . Which is why I also know that statues have limitations in which they no longer are applicable . They run out or they are void if the times no longer apply . Like there are crazy laws like no chewing gum and walking . Or no jaywalking in a desert . These laws are there , but no longer apply when the situation has changed or the laws are old . Now please understand I am 100% all in for being an Hebrew by blood . I was an Adventist for 22 years but I am now renouncing that . Always have kept the 10 commandments. I just was confused as to whether we are to keep the laws like wearing the fringes etc . Remember we have all awaken at different times . I have studied Torah under Judaism . So I’m just finding myself . Could you do a video showing how we are to keep the holy days . Like naming each one and then breaking down what to do on each one . Your a great moreh and I recommend your channel to everyone I know . I also make YouTube videos on silly stuff though . I am the one who asked you to make this video under my other channel (layaofthe144). Thanks so much for the breakdown !

  2. Last comment . Here is where it gets tricky . There are 617 laws and ordinances. The same laws that the Jewish do now . The same laws that the Pharisees and the Sadducees kept . The very same ones that Yahusha told them that their law keeping will not get them into heaven . Because anyone can keep all the laws and ordinances but without love they mean nothing . It’s almost like trying to have works without faith and faith without works . You have to keep the commandments And have the faith of the Ha’Machiach. We need to be careful because we will end up just like the Jewish who take the law so literally that they tied a box on their heads with the commandments written on them and a bound them on their right arm as well . They go around obsessively saying “Baruch adonai “ just for wiping their butts after using the bathroom . And this is what yahusha was calling them vipers about . Also Yahusha said that the entire law falls on only two NEW commandments 1. That you love Yah with all your heart and 2. That you love your neighbor as yourself .
    As far as the feast days . We are to do them as a memorial , spiritually . Because there is no way we could do them as they did back then . So see this is why it’s all confusing .
    Even the Adventist don’t keep holiday . Go to church on sabbath . Don’t believe in homosexuality. Doesn’t allow for women to be dressed as men in the church etc . Don’t eat pork etc . But yes they are still holding on to Roman influence and a 501c3 .
    Anyways good lesson this is my last comment on this .
    Also, if we are in prison or fema camps are you suggesting that if we are not wearing fringes or keeping the feast days in prison that we won’t be allowed into the kingdom ? Even Isreal had to beg pharaoh to be allowed to sacrifice to Yah . Ok have a great nite 🙂

  3. Ordinances and statutes are typically applied to a region–city, state, maybe a nation. were for while they were in the land–to differentiate from canaanites.. The 10 commandments are his moral laws are the basis for other laws and statutes. Certain laws pertain to ‘in the land’ and others when there is a king or sanhedrin. doesn’t mean we should stone adulterers today wherever we live. The 10 are universal; the statutes and ordinances were for Israel in the land. Certainly we can apply their principles but aren’t required to apply the same laws about owning slaves today or stoning kids that insult their parents.


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