Can The Stranger Receive Salvation Before Entering The Kingdom? Part 2

Can the stranger receive salvation before entering the kingdom? This is part 2, as a power outage disrupted our broadcast and we are here 2 1/2 hours later to continue what we started. I therefore strongly recommend you first watch part 1. Here is the link:

That part 1 is also a part of a series of videos focusing on the true meaning of redemption and salvation in the Bible. The first video was entitled: “Proof: Redemption Is Only for One Nation, Not the Whole World!” Link:

Next we did “Israel Only Can Be Saved? True or False?” Link:

I do suggest you watch them in that order to get the full understanding. Of course, it will take you some time to do so, but when done, you should be able to finally get a fullunderstanding on this topic.

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  1. Excellent teaching as always. I'm constantly impressed how you are able to show precepts with comparative scriptures from old and new testament that SHOULD HAVE been obvious, but somehow has stayed hidden all this time.

  2. please do apart 3. to reconcile all the many verses that speak about the strangers,, in the old/T and reconcile with the gentile 2 . gentiles the other nations/ japheth ,and isrealites that took greek customs

  3. I depends on who we overstand the stranger to be. Based on the scripture the stranger are those of the table of nations. Not the children of the fallen. So the question is who are the children of the fallen? They can not get salvation.

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