Am I Converted (Born Again)? Why Most Of Us May Hear, “I Never Knew You!”

Our Shabbath teaching was cut off after 8 minutes. We have part of the audio and so we share the teaching for those who missed it. About the first hour is cut out, but the rest of it is significant. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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  1. Thank you, brother, for this reminder. Come to think of it, Yahusha being a man and committing to 40 days/nights of fasting, is akin to suicide of the flesh for the modern man. Our flesh should be our enemy so that the Ruah of YAH can take over and lead us in all truths. As followers of Yahusha, it seems a time will come for us to partake in the 40 days fasting.

  2. Always anointed teaching, my Beautiful Hebrew Israelite Brother! Praising YAHUAH for you! Thank you for making plain and clear the urgency of being converted and not "comfortable" in Yahusha!

  3. Truly learning from your teachings, could you please teach on people that got healed in Jesus name because that’s a question that I get from people and family especially the children because they tell me why did they get healed in Jesus name if it’s not the name thank you very much and Barak Yahuah!

  4. Please I pray be patient with me, I have some questions I and would like to hear your thoughts. I have been a follower of Yahshua, a student of the word and a believer in the Will of YHWH all my life, I’m now 65. I’ve stumbled many times and was blessed with the message of Psalms 37:23-24.
    This question is regarding the silence of women. In the Old Testament Deborah was a judge over Israel for around 40 years. Appointed by YHWH. And in the New Testament, the writings of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, the writers of the spoken words of Yahshua, while He walked the earth, I don’t believe I’ve seen anything said by Yahshua about women keeping silent etc. I look forward to your response and also the study I’m sure will ensue.

  5. Let no man (flesh…my own) steal my crown. Great teaching and Tsade (way unto life) for us all. Truly a joy to do what is in us to do to please our Father Allua! Thank you for a mirror this morning. It made a new perspective and burning inside me. BARUCH and SHALOM…

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