The Danger Of Ignoring The Acceptable Will Of The Father

Apologize for an error around 24:45. I said “new testament only,” but I should have said “old testament only.”

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  1. If we say we are followers of mashiach we will suffer like him.
    Verily, Verily, I say unto you, The servant is not greater than his adoniy; neither he that is sent greater than he that sent him. YOCHANON 13:16-16,

  2. Some are afraid or don’t want to accept the will of the Most High because they want/desire the gain of this world. They can’t deny their flesh either. Many of them have 2, 5 year goals to acquire assets/money before fleeing from the midst of Babylon. Some have many partners and don’t want to leave them behind. They want to carry them along to continue in sin wherever they flee to.

  3. Deny ourself of all the desires of this world and allow our minds to be renewed and so the Ruach of The Father can dwell in our hearts and therefore we can do the will of The Most High Aluah Yahuah The Great Ahayah..

  4. Shalum ach!! Yadah YaHUaH for another powerful teaching. At the 31:40 mark you mentioned how it vital to LEARN the will of the Most High. To be in a position to learn means humility and always seeking truth. The script in Sirach speaks to how important it is.

    Sir 51:23  Draw near unto me, ye unlearned, and dwell in the house of learning.


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