Head And Hairs White Like Wool? Revelation 1:14 And The Color Of Yahusha

His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow. This verse in Revelation 1:14 appears to be a contradiction with the next verse, Revelation 1:15 which speaks of the feet of the Messiah being like fine brass, as if it burned in a furnace. One appears to be saying he is white, the other that he is black. So which is it, and how do we resolve this? Simply watch the video.


Head And Hair White Like Wool? Conclusive Breakdown of Revelation 1:14!

Who Is Jesus Christ?

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  1. It's very repulsive, at the least to witness these "pastors, bishops etc" double down when, it comes to confusing our people. Thank you so much for your unyielding dedication to TRUTH! APTTMH!!

  2. Great breakdown. Cognitive dissonance is real.

    Couple of additions though. I thought you were going to use this as well.

    And he that sat was to look upon like a jasper and a sardine stone: and there was a rainbow round about the throne, in sight like unto an emerald.

    Revelation 4:3 KJV


    Look up the color of jasper and Sardine stones.

    Also regarding when he returns many will be shocked and unable to accept him.

    Isa 52: 13 – 15

    Was reading Isaiah 53: 1 – 9 last night and was almost to the point of tears. The world has truly rejected the Mashiach and have accepted another image in his place. Isaiah clearly says the Mashiach would be ugly but all you see is long hair handsome image of JC. I read a description of the Mashiach by Josephus, don't know if it's true or not but according to what I read Yahusha was short, black, with a big nose, hunch back and unibrow. That's not the Mashiach the world worships.

    The world will be shocked when he returns.

  3. Remember that we are punished for the sins of our fathers, and our wickedness in forsaking The Instructions and Way of The Almighty YAHUAH, who is righteous and just: let His Name be exalted from everlasting to everlasting!. As He is The Potter, He uses whom He will to bring either judgment or blessing upon Yashar'el. It is unbecoming to boast of heritage when it is written that only a few will be saved, only a remnant shall return; and, when it was our forefathers who pierced The Mashiach, choosing Barabas to be set free while shouting that the blood of The Mashiach be on their and their children's hands.

    Indeed we MUST NOT worship the image of the beast: the lawless, idolised jc; however, the reason for the tribes/nations of the earth`s mourning is not because people will finally realise the complexion and race of The Mashiach; rather, because that day when the shofar shall resound will be a great, fierce and terrifying day catching people offguard in the midst of recurring worldly activities, just as in the days of Noah as well as Sedom and Ammorah. It is the instant and sudden realisation of The Truth of The Word of The Almighty Creator, also that the world would have ended and the impending judgement; no more time for repentance.

    As is written in The Prophets and Besorah; here is another witness from The Apocalypse of Peter:

    "Then shall they all behold me coming upon an eternal cloud of brightness: and the messengers of Aluah that are with me shall sit (prob. And I shall sit) upon the throne of my esteem at the right hand of my Heavenly Father; and he shall set a crown upon mine head. And when the nations behold it, they shall weep, every nation apart. Then shall he command them to enter into the river of fire while the works of every one of them shall stand before them (something is wanting) to every man according to his deeds. As for the elect that have done good, they shall come unto me and not see death by the devouring fire. But the unrighteous the sinners, and the hypocrites shall stand in the depths of darkness that shall not pass away, and their chastisement is the fire, and messengers bring forward their sins and prepare for them a place wherein they shall be punished for ever (everyone according to his transgression).

  4. The Lord n flesh was a Jewish from Galilee where r this guy r ppl getting this black man concept it's bizzare n wierd

  5. The name of the godhead is unsayable with no vowels they interpret it into name with vowels put n it so it can b pronounced apperntly embodied n the Lord Christ Jesus r n islreali Hebrew Jewish yeshua himusihma

  6. Tetragram tetragramiation I'm a gentile american who has a hard time pronouncing Hebrew r riting it into American English some words like himushima so excuse tht from my writing I'm actually was a gentile american now I'm part of the church of God r body of Lord Christ same thing I believe two different way of calling tht

  7. I have been following you now for a long while now Ahuah has placed it in my heart to .Be rebaptized cause you mention to me jc was the wrong way to be baptized it still makes mt feel i am still in sin.I have left the churches in britain there very pagen i have left these things in the world .but i still feel a let down guilt.Can u guide me on who i can get to baptize me in tjename of Ahuah it is in my heart to strongly get this done as soon as . THE church is demonic there teachings to sovcan you guide me on who and how to get me baptized i am so puzzeled on this. Thank you for the work you Brothers are putting in the work saving many for Ahuah All praises to the Most high .


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