Is The South African Gathering Of Yasharal Found In Bible Prophecy?

Today we look at another powerful revelation in looking at the question of whether the bible speaks about the South African gathering of Yasharal. This video gives some serious revelations and understandings of the second exodus that we have not heard elsewhere to date.

For more on the South African gathering of Yasharal, take a look at the playlist:

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  1. Shabbat shalom Ahki. Can you send me the link for the live Shabbat lessons? Is it the same for the Tuesday Bible study link? I look forward to these lessons. Todah robah. APTTMHY

  2. APTTMH YAHUAH…(Tet) Oh, taste and see that יהוה is good; Blessed is the man that takes refuge in Him!


  3. About a year or so ago I was having a conversation with a friend (I’m from the U.S.). She was telling me about an opportunity she was presented with to travel to South Africa in the coming months. She wanted me to possibly go with her if things opened up. When she mentioned South Africa, the presence of the Holy Spirit came upon me so heavy. I got so choked up that I could barely get words out and I began to cry from deep within. I was so moved as the Spirit of Yahuah came over me. I didn’t understand what was going on and why I was weeping. Well, the same scenario happened a couple of other times in different situations when talking to friends about South Africa. I became so overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit and began to weep. I’ve asked Yahuah many times what did all of that mean because I knew deep in my soul and spirit that the meaning was deep. So when I heard your recent video a couple of days ago about why many will not flee and you mentioned that South Africa was the gathering place, it took me back to those experiences I had. Ever since those experiences, I’ve held South Africa in my heart knowing I would have understanding one day. Yah is answering my questions with this video. What you have explained in this video is resonating deep within my spirit.

  4. Since I started listening to your broadcasts, the fear of Yahuah is heavy upon me. I have begun sorting through my mixed fabric clothing, pictures and other items considered idols and getting rid of them. I made an immediatly to do list and in the next few days I will apply for my passport. I love Yahuah and have come away from the worldly things and seek The Most High Alluah every minute of every day. I pray for strength in the Ruach haQuodesh so that I can leave my home, my children, family and any and everything that is not of Yahuah, when the Ruach calls my name. Be Ye Quodesh as I AM Quodesh is what I concentrate on always. Fear Yahuah and keep HIS commangdmenta, for this is the whole duty of men…todah for you descernment and teachings.

  5. I am confused about one thing though. Bro Chazaq teaches heavy on not mixing the seed of Yasheral. I have seen 3 videos so far that have White/Gentile women standing or sitting with the men? What is going on? Are you teaching one thing and living another?

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